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11 Best Ways To Lose Weight

Here’s a list of 11 best ways to lose weight. When you read through this list you’ll come across some of the normal standard ways to lose weight, but there are a few unlikely gems thrown in that are never mentioned anywhere else.

A lot of these methods can be done easily so it is recommended you select a few that you feel would work for you.

  1. Interval Training

Interval Training is the best way to lose weight in the shortest amount of time and at the fastest rate.

The concept of interval training involves undergoing workout routines that involve a variation of intense training periods blended with less intense periods.

For example, you can insert an element of interval training into you daily walks by walking for 1 minute followed by an intense bout of sprinting for 30 seconds after. You can do interval training on a number of different exercise equipment such as the treadmill, exercise bike or rowing machine.

  1. Join a club

Joining some form of sports team or activity club is a great way to lose weight. Whether it be tennis, swimming, aerobics, crochet or dancing any form of light exercise counts towards dropping the pounds. If you’re enjoying yourself and you’re doing something you’ve always wanted to do, then it’s win win.

Make a list of activities you’ve always wanted to do and find local clubs you can join. If you need a bit of support drag your other friend who’s just sitting around too.

  1. Weight Loss Subliminals

There’s no doubt that the hardest part about losing weight is getting started and actually seeing it through. Probably about 90% of us just get stuck in procrastination mode. Rather than get off the couch and get exercising we spend even more time on the couch just contemplating how to lose weight.

Whether you believe subliminals can actually help you lose weight is up to you. But listening to subliminals can get you into a positive mindset and give you the belief as well as the drive to begin to take the steps to reach your goals.

80% of losing weight successfully is through the right mindset. Without the right mindset you may never ever get your dream body.

Weight Loss subliminals work by changing your beliefs towards food, exercising and your own body. Just pop in your earphones as you walk, commute or sleep and get your daily dose of subliminals.

Then start exercising!

That’s right…

You didn’t think you could just listen to them and the fat will dissolve off… did you?

  1. Take The Stairs

Do you ever find yourself with the option of taking the stairs or the elevator? If you’re a frequent elevator user then you should begin to think about using the less glamorous option known as the stairs. By using the stairs you are going to be burning more calories than using the elevator.

Give yourself more time and begin using the stairs. You’ll notice that over time the effects will become noticeable.

Switch to Green Tea

  1. Green Tea

If you’re a big coffee drinker who likes your coffee covered in as much cream as a dairy factory then make

Green tea your new friend. Green tea keeps your metabolic rate running high which is where you want it to be if you want to lose weight quickly. Among it’s various other health benefits it also carries very few calories and best of all it doesn’t require any sugar to enjoy a cup.

  1. Walking

Even simple walking can help lose weight. Whether you are walking as part as your daily shopping or walking for leisure, walking does burn calories and contribute to weight loss.

Despite it being one of the less intense calorie burning workouts it beats sitting on the couch.

  1. Eating More

Ditching a daily 3 day meal plan and switching it to a 5 or 6 a time meal plan is a easy way to aid in weight loss. By eating smaller portions more frequently the metabolism rate is prevented from slowing down and creating fat. The other powerful fat busting benefit is that eating more frequently prevents you from feeling hungry between meals. On a regular three plan of three meals a day it’s very easy to grab that piece of chocolate or ice cream that’s waiting in the fridge for you.

Switch from 3 meals per day to 6 meals per day and you’ll see the results. Do remember to make the portion sizes smaller of course!

  1. Drink Water

Drinking a sufficient amount of water is one of the best ways to lose weight because it ensures that the digestion process in your belly is running efficiently and the your metabolism rate is optimal. Water can also provide us with that feeling of ‘fullness’ we are constantly searching for when we begin one of our daily snacking marathons.

You don’t need to drink excessive amounts so that you become classed as the next new ocean on the planet, just ensure you drink around 8 – 10 glasses of water a day, that’s more than enough.

  1. Run

“Drink Plenty Of Water”

Got a good pair of comfy shoes? That’s all you need to get out and losing weight. You can either go and run in your park or on a treadmill indoors. Running is free and doesn’t require mountains of expert knowledge to do.

To increase the rate which you burn the calories you can use interval training and hills to increase the intensity.

If you have bad knees, or sore joints then swimming is the next best thing for you.

Both these methods are super for losing weight.

  1. Rock Climbing

For anyone who is really looking for something adventurous and burns a heap load of calories then rock

climbing could be your answer. Rock climbing is great at working your upper body and it’s possible to burn as much as 700 calories per hour.

Of course make sure you undergo rock climbing under suitable conditions.

  1. Avoid the Scales

The bathroom scales, our number one enemy that lives in the bathroom, really should be our biggest foe. Not only can he make us very depressed at times, but he can also be a big liar.

There are times when you can be successfully dropping body fat levels yet your weight remains the same because any fat is being replaced with muscle. Many women give up as a result as they believe they aren’t getting any healthier or the changes they are making aren’t working.

Rather than using the bathroom scales always use a measuring tape to monitor the inches around your waist. Or even better, use a pair of jeans that you want to fit into and make a mental note each week if it is becoming easier to fit into. Not only can you really tell if you are losing weight but it’s a fantastic feeling when you finally fit into them!

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