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5 Simple Food Changes to Burn Fat Fast

Here are 5 simple dietary habits you can make to shed the pounds to see your abs quickly. These are also great tips for reducing the calories.

  1. Take Your Time

Scoffing down your food at the speed of light isn’t always the best habit to have when your focused on getting flat abs. Studies have shown that eating too fast doesn’t give your brain enough time to think whether you are actually full or not. By really slowing down the pace you eat, your brain has more time to determine whether you are full and to tell you to stop.

Action: Take more time to chew your food and really break it down before you swallow.

  1. Focus On Your Food

Along the same lines above it’s important to pay attention to your brain and really give it enough time and space to tell you when you are full. If you’re focusing on too many things whilst your eating, such as the tv, surfing the net or listening to the radio, then you’re brain will not be able to monitor your food intake as accurately.

Action: You can cut out this problem at the source by starting with the correct portion size when your trying to lose weight. If you start out with the correct meal size, then it doesn’t matter as much how distracted you become.

3.Stop Snacking

Although this is a very simple tip it’s important that we don’t succumb to unnecessary urges to eat when we’re either bored or stressed, doing so will just pile extra weight around our waist much faster. The effects are much worse if you’re snacking on processed or fatty snacks.

Action: Start small by clearing all food that you often find yourself tempted by far away from you or even better, throw it away. Instead set yourself a pre-made ‘urge-snack’ such as a fruit salad or a protein bar. If you pre-make one of these snacks, you can grab one of these rather than your normal fatty alternative.

  1. Stop When You Get Enough

Our mothers always told us to make sure that when we eat that we should clear our plate of all food and not leave any behind. Haven’t we all heard, ‘Don’t Waste Food?” The problem is that even when we are full and we want to stop, sometimes we continue to eat just for the sake of clearing our plate to avoid wasting food. By eating these extra bites we are increasing the calories we need to burn off in order to lose belly fat.

Action: You should either stop when you’re full, or even more effective, is to start off with a portion size you are certain to finish. Reducing your potion size is a very effective way to lose weight.

  1. Eat More Frequently

One of the best changes I’ve made is to actually increase how frequently I eat. Of course there’s a catch. You have to eat smaller portion sizes and more healthily. Most of us are used to the common pattern of eating 3 large meals at breakfast, lunch then dinner. If you think about it these meals are very far apart especially between lunch and dinner which can be as far a part as 7 hours. This is the period where we are most likely to binge eat or snack.

By increasing the number of times we eat, it should alleviate spells where you feel the urge to eat fatty and processed foods.

Action: Eat more frequently AND healthily around 6 times a day but at the same time reducing your portion sizes.

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