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5 Top Foods That Burn Belly Fat

Are you tired of stuffing yourself with foods that go straight to the belly? Here are some foods that burn belly fat. Try adding these fat busting foods to your diet and watch the belly fat disappear quickly.


Oatmeal is another top food that burns belly fat because one serving keeps your hunger down preventing you from snacking unnecessarily between meals. This is because the fiber in oatmeal takes in a lot of water which causes the digestion process to slow down more than a lot of other foods.

Eating oatmeal is a therefore perfect if you want to control your diet and prolong your hunger.

Additional health benefits to Oatmeal have often been cited as reducing cholesterol and also heart disease when combined with a low fat diet. Oatmeal is high in vitamins, minerals and provides protein as well.

Oatmeal is quick to prepare and is the perfect way to start your morning. Substitute an oatmeal based cereal or porridge into your breakfast. To add an extra nutrition boosting element to your meal sprinkle some berries over the top.

For more oatmeal based recipes, ideas and benefits, is a good source of ideas.

Here’s a video of 5 CHEAP foods to lose weight.

Berry Berry!

“Perfect For Breakfast”

I absolutely berries! Berries are a great food to include in your diet because they are naturally sweet tasting and can be bought straight off the shelf and ready to eat. Naturally high in vitamins and minerals the calorie count of these nutritious snack is also incredibly low.

Such berries you want to include in your diet are strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and cranberries.

Not only are berries perfect for reducing tummy fat but they also have other health benefits. Berries are said to contain certain chemicals that prevent some forms of cancer and bladder infections. Whilst some berries such as blueberries and raspberries can maintain healthy vision.

You can eat berries just as they are, just wash them and eat one by one or they can be added as a topping to most of your regular meals.

I’ve found that they make a great topping to add to your cereal or porridge in the morning. Just simply wash and sprinkle a handful of berries on top. You could also add a berries to yoghurt or onto your salad.

Green Tea

If you are going to drink anything other than water in your quest to shed the pounds then make it Green Tea.

Green tea helps with weight loss by speeding up the metabolism process which reduces the fat storage in the body.

The accumulative benefits of Green Tea are enormous, such benefits mentioned are anti-ageing, reduces cholesterol, detoxifying effects and also prevents everyday illnesses.

Drink a cup of green tea when you get up or substitute a cup of green tea for your normal daily dose of coffee. Remember that Green Tea is not taken with any sugar so if you normally take sugar with your coffee, then this is another factor that will help your weight loss.


Milk also is said to increase metabolic rate leading to higher levels of fat burning in the body. A recent study has shown how dieters who consumed more calcium lost nearly twice as much weight as those who did not.

Milk also has a lot of complex carbohydrates which help your insulin levels in your body remain low, this also has the effect of boosting metabolism rates. By ensuring that insulin levels are low you are signaling to your body that you can get rid of some of the fat storage in your body. On the other hand high insulin levels within the body result in your body keeping the fat.


“Jalapenos Add Some Spice Into Your Diet”

A chemical inside of Jalapenos called capsaicin are known to increase the rate of metabolism in our body. Capsaicin is a thermogenic which stimulates the burning of fat also creating a bit of heat in the process.

Jalapenos are not only great at burning belly fat, but also helps lower blood pressure and protects your heart. Packed with vitamin C they are great sliced up on top of a salad.

Be sure to include Jalapenos into your diet to add variety and a bit of spice into your snacks.

If you’re feeling Jalapeno Mad then check out Jalapeno Madness

If you stick to this list of 5 foods that burn belly fat, and add this with a good weight loss program, then you’ll be well on your way to getting a flat tummy fast.

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