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5 Dietary Tips To A Flat Stomach

Getting on a diet and taking action doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think. You can take the steps to getting a flat stomach by just implementing these 5 quick tips that will put you on the road to success.

1)   Eat 5-6 Meals A Day

Yes that’s right, you’ve heard me clearly. I’ll say it again just to in case you thought you didn’t hear me correctly. Eat Six Meals A Day. Of course there’s a catch, and that is that you have to significantly lower your portion size to undertake this tip.

Eating 5-6 Meals a day as opposed to eating 3 large meals a day is a great way to reducing unnecessary snacking and binge eating  because there isn’t as large a gap between the meals to experience hunger.

This could be a potential eating plan:

7.00 am –       Breakfast

10.30 am –     Light Snack

12.00 am –     Lunch

3.00 pm –       Afternoon Snack

6.00 pm –       Dinner

8.30 pm –       Light Snack

A light snack could be a protein bar and some fruit or some plain yoghurt sprinkled with nuts. Lunch could be a portion of chicken and some vegetable on the side. Think small, and think in portions. An example of a portion of meat may be the size of your clenched fist.

If you eat the type of food that slows digestion and gives you the feeling of fullness, then sticking to a plan like this will be a breeze.

2)   Count the Calories

Remember that for every extra calorie you eat is an extra calorie that needs to be burned off during a workout. If you can keep your calorie in take low, then you will have to do less to burn this off in the form of exercise.

It’s a simple formula that if you burn more calories than you eat, you will lose weight, that is why keeping a record of your daily calorie intake is vital.

where you can sign up for a free account to count your calories and the amount of exercise you do.

3)   Make Green Tea Your New Best Friend

A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that calories only come in the form of food. You’d be surprised to know that a can of soda can contain up to 150 calories. If you’re drinking several a day the calories can really pile up. Drinks such as Coffee have are high in caffeine and in calories in the form of cream and sugar.

Learn to switch these types of drinks to a healthy alternative such as Green Tea. Green Tea is calorie free and the list of health benefits from Green Tea is endless.

4)   Water. Water. Water.

After mentioning one healthy drink in the form of Green Tea, it would be unfair not to mention our favorite friend – water. We should be drinking plenty of water throughout the day with the amount required being around 3 liters assuming we are exercising too.

So how does drinking plenty of water get us a flat stomach?

Well first of all, water fills us up and can give us the feeling that we have had a sufficient amount to eat.

Secondly our digestion system requires water to work at it’s full potential, which reduces any feeling of being bloated. This in turn can help us feel energized and ready to exercise.

5)   Don’t Skip Breakfast

Out of the 3 meals breakfast is probably the most skipped meal. Usually we wake up late which forces us to find something that we can cut out to make up more time, the sacrifice we make is usually our most important meal of the day, breakfast.

Eating breakfast is very important if you want to lose belly fat because by eating it, it keeps our metabolism running high. After we’ve slept for 7-8 hours, our stomach becomes starved and our metabolic rate lowers to compensate. If you want to lose weight then we need to take raise our metabolic rate by eating breakfast in the morning.

The other key importance of a solid breakfast, is that it prevents us getting hungry during the morning which can lead to unnecessary snacking. Having a breakfast that is whole grain based will keep us running longer without feeling any hunger.

When trying to implement these 5 tips, if they are so radically different to what you are used to make one small change every week. There’s no need to rush trying to fit all into your day in one go.

Make these changes over time and you will see results.

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