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Best Healthy Weight Loss Pills

As you work towards the goal to shed body weight, one thing that you may start to wonder is which are the best weight loss pills to help you achieve success?

You already know that you absolutely must have a proper diet and workout in order first before even considering a supplement, but once those are in place, are there certain products that will help you push your results just one step further?

The truth is that while there are many weight loss pills that are very gimmicky and will only burn a hole in your wallet, there are some weight loss pills that do actually work and could help you see better overall results.

Just always keep that important fact in mind – these pills will work to help you stick with your diet and workout program. They aren’t going to magically melt fat off on their own, so it’s vital that you don’t let them deter you from following your smart weight loss program.

Let’s have a look at some of the best weight loss pills to consider as well as touch on a few that you should avoid.

The Best Weight Loss Pills

The following weight loss pills are proven to help increase the rate of fat loss you experience, when taken properly in the correct dosage and usage protocol.


The very first of the best weight loss pills to consider is caffeine. While you do normally get caffeine in your daily cup of java, when taken in capsule form before a workout session, this supplement can have even greater benefits.

Caffeine does help to boost your metabolic rate slightly, but more importantly, it’s going to enhance your energy so that you can workout harder in the gym. This means more calories burned and faster rates of fat loss.

What’s more is that caffeine can actually increase the rate of lipolysis in the body, meaning your body is able to target and burn fatty acids better as you exercise.

Just remember not to overdo it as some people do feel jittery when taking too much caffeine. Use 200 mg per day of caffeine at most.

Green Tea Extract

A second supplement to consider adding to your regime is green tea extract. Green tea extract can also help to enhance your natural metabolic rate so that you burn calories faster all day long.

In addition to this, this supplement also has powerful antioxidant benefits, so will help you feel and function your best.

Since health should always be a concern while dieting, this is a smart product to use.


If you’re often battling with hunger pains as you go about your diet plan, Hoodia Gordonii may be one product that you should consider.

This product originates from the South African Desert and was originally used by hunters so that they could stay out longer without requiring food.

Many people who use it note that they see a significant reduction in their appetite level, so it may be very beneficial for helping you stick with your diet better.

Capsaicin Based Pills

Finally, the last of our best weight loss pills to consider are those that are capsaicin based. This is the compound that’s found in red chilli peppers and will also help to boost your metabolic rate for a few hours after taking in.

These pills can help to up your total daily calorie burn without you having to do any further exercise, so could speed up the entire weight loss process.

The Not So Great Fat Loss Pills

So now that you know which pills work, which don’t? Let’s take a look.

Carb And Fat Blockers

The first type of pill to avoid are those that claim to block the absorption of certain macronutrients – namely carbs or dietary fats from the body.

You must consider the fact that if these pills actually did block the absorption, they’ll also be blocking the absorption of valuable nutrients that your body needs.

What’s more is that even though they very well may slightly block the calories from entering the body stores, they will not block all of them.

Those who use carb and fat blockers often use this as an excuse to cheat on their diet and eat things they shouldn’t, so the total end result is that they usually take in more calories because of them.

Stay away from them at all costs. They’re not safe or helpful.

Cleansing Pills

The second main products to stay away from are products that promise fast cleansing results and require very strict diets.

The best way to cleanse your body is to eliminate all the processed foods and simple sugars you’re eating and instead feast on lean proteins and plenty of fruits and vegetables for a week.

Do this and you’ll be feeling detox benefits and healthier overall –without the need for any artificial pill.

Most cleansing pills are very gimmicky and won’t produce lasting results anyway.

So there you have the best weight loss pills that you may want to consider using as you go about your weight loss journey. Depending on what you need help with while following your diet and workout program, using the right product could definitely make it easier to reach your end goal.

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