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Calorie Intake For Women To Lose Weight

The general understanding is that the daily calorie intake for a woman should roughly be 2000 calories a day. If you want to get specific it’s 1940 calories per day according to the UK department of Health. For me it’s a slightly larger number at 2500 calories per day.

It’s Not The Same For Every Woman

Of course it’s not as easy to determine what the calorie intake should be for a woman as sticking to one specific number as each woman is different and will require different needs according to age, height, weight as well as overall day to day activity levels.

That being said there isn’t a set calorie intake for women to lose weight. All you need to know is the basic rule. That you need to burn more calories, or eat less calories than your body requires.

However the general consensus is that 1 pound of fat is the same as 3500 calories.

Keeping this generalization constant this means if we take in 500 less calories than our body needs per day. Then in one week we will have lost 1 pound of fat.

The Dinewise advisory board recommends the following guidelines:

* 1,500 calories per day for women who want to lose weight
* 1,800 calories per day for women maintaining their weight

Again, the main thing is to take in less calories than is needed.

Be Cautious

Do take care though. Always seek to reduce your calorie intake in ‘safe’ levels and never make sudden extreme adjustments to to your calorie intake in order to see fast weight loss. You’ll find that this backfires a lot which results in a yo-yo effect. It is advised never to go below a 1200 calorie intake per day for women.

Rather than cutting your calorie intake right to zero think about adding or substituting foods that burn belly fat. Here are 2 quick examples.

1) Oatmeal
Though it’s not the most popular thing to eat due to its taste, oatmeal can benefit those who want to burn belly fat. Ads about oatmeal have been raving about the health benefits of indulging in such, including the possibility of getting your cholesterol down to minimal levels. This is due to the soluble fiber that is in the oatmeal that is indulged, which helps in eliminating excess waste and fat in the body.
Natural oatmeal is the best ones that you can eat. Some people tend to go with flavored ones, but these are actually not giving you the health benefits that you desire. But if you really cant take the tastelessness, go with fruits as sweeteners. A great meal in this case is oatmeal mixed with honey and berries.

2) Olive Oil
There are some kinds of fats that the body can benefit from. Olive oil provides some of these healthy fats. As a matter of fact, it can help you burn fat and get your cholesterol levels down.
Monounsaturated fat, which is contained in olive oil, has been discovered to provide great benefits for one’s health. With an ounce of olive oil, you get at least 85% of the required amount of monounsaturated fat in a day. So rather than drinking orange juice in the morning, a bottle of olive oil is actually much better.

Weight Loss Plateau

There may come a time where you hit a weight loss plateau. This where the body gets used to the new lower calorie intake and burns less fat as it did in the beginning. This is the point where you should be increasing your own metabolism though exercise such as weight training, cardio or most effectively, through interval training.

There are a number of well known programs out there to help women learn how to eat to lose weight effectively. Such programs as the Diet Solution Program is a good place to start to get a good education on the subject.

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