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Dukan Diet Coaching

For those that are trying to lose weight it can be difficult to keep the momentum going in terms of willpower and motivation. It can also be difficult to lose weight due to lack of knowledge, tools and resources. Losing weight is a process that requires a lot of determination and stamina but for many people it also required support and assistance in order to be successful.

The good news is that there are programs out there that are designed to provide this support and assistance and one of these is the Dukan Diet Coaching program. This is a four phase program that offers tools, resource, support and assistance to aid dieters and it can prove extremely beneficial to those that find it difficult to lose weight alone.

The man behind this program is Dr Pierre Dukan who is a French dietician and nutritionist. He has been promoting this diet for several decades but it has taken off mostly over the past ten years or so. Dr Dukan has enjoyed a lot of success with his advice and the assistance that he offers, even helping Kate Middleton and her mother Carole to lose weight in the run up to Kate’s wedding to Prince William.

How the Dukan Diet Coaching program can help

There are a number of ways in which the Dukan Diet Coaching program can help those that want to lose weight successfully, safely and effectively. This is a personalized weight loss program and will involve you being honest with yourself and on questions that you will be asked so that a realistic personalized plan can be created for you.

The program works out the realistic weight that you can get to, how many days each phase of the four phase program will last and when you should be able to reach your weight loss goal. All you have to do is choose and purchase the program, complete a questionnaire that is provided and then stick to the diet plan that is created.

As part of the program you will have daily interaction with a diet menu and exercise plan sent to you each day along with advice and assistance to keep you motivated and on track. You also report back each evening and your next daily instructions will take into account any of the feedback that you have provided the previous evening.

Dr Dukan also offers live weekly chat sessions, where he is available for questions and to offer support and advice. On top of this you also get to enjoy the benefit of community support where dieters can share tips, advice, suggestions and much more.

The benefits of the program

The benefits of the Dukan Diet Coaching program include:

  • Daily interaction where you receive your diet plan and exercise instructions each morning
  • Your feedback is taken into account when providing your personalized instructions
  • The expertise of a diet and nutrition guru with decades of experience
  • A lot of support through emails, from Dr Dukan’s live sessions, and from the online community
  • A personalized plan that is designed to meet your needs and to help you reach your goals

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