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Fast Weight Loss Tips For Women

Here are some fast weight loss tips for women. Incorporate these and you’ll see keep changes in your weight loss plans.

The Dangers of Dieting

Have you ever been friends with that woman, or perhaps you’ve seen her on TV. She’s that woman that used to be big then lost a whole heap of weight in a few weeks. I’ve seen plenty of them. The only problem is a few weeks down the line she’s back at the weight she was before, if not even bigger! When dieters follow unhealthy fad diets the effects are only premature, but then afterwards the weight gain is even faster.

So why is this?

Well let’s say you do want to lose3 kilos fast, a deprivation diet may get you eating cabbage and only soup for the next two weeks. Of course if you only do this, you will lose weight, your calorie intake would be so low that it’s easy to burn off. The problem is your metabolism will slow down because the food intake is so low.

When the number of days has passed that you are required to diet are up, if you then go back to your normal diet, your metabolism level is so low, that you gain weight at an even faster rate than before!

If this doesn’t put you off fad diets then nothing will!

Get Active

Weight loss doesn’t have to start in the gym, nor does it have to involve you sweating out buckets to get thin. Just becoming more active can do the trick.

Things like house work and moving in the garden can help anything that makes you become more active. If there’s that dance class that you’ve always wanted to join, go and join. Dancing is a great way to lose weight. Even if it’s something like Pottery Class it’s still keeping you active! It gets you moving to have to get the to the classes in the first place.

The main thing is to reduce the time you spend sitting and in front of your computer or television.

One great way to ensure fast weight loss is to count how many steps you take a day using a Pedometer. You can carry on with your normal day to day activities and keep a track to make sure you are moving enough. A Pedometer is a great piece of equipment to get started.

Here’s a video on some more fast weight loss tips for women to use.

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