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7 Proven Ways To Get Abs For Women

Set the goal to get abs and wondering how you can go about achieving it? If you’re serious about trying to obtain flat abs, it’s time to also get serious about putting a good program in place to help you attain this goal.

Those who don’t have some type of plan set out to help them on their quest to get abs are very likely to be disappointed because this goal doesn’t happen by chance.

Fortunately, there are a number of different proven ways to get abs for women. By incorporating just a few of these strategies into your overall approach, you can instantly boost your results and make sure you’re moving in the right direction.

Increased Protein Diets

The very first of the proven ways to get abs and also help you get a lot leaner in the process is an increased protein diet. Higher protein diets are great for total body fat loss because they’re going to boost your metabolic rate, suppress your hunger, and help to preserve your lean muscle mass.

As far as shedding body fat goes, all of these are going to bring very favourable results.

Circuit Training

Next up on our list of proven techniques to help get abs for women is circuit training. Circuit training is nice because it’s a faster workout that can fit in with the busiest of schedules and it’s also going to help to boost your metabolic rate for hours after you complete it.

What’s more is that circuit training will provide clear cardiovascular benefits as well, so by adding this into the mix, you can cut back on how much additional cardio you have to perform as well.

Instability Exercises

For targeted abdominal exercises, make sure that you’re focusing on making yourself as instable as possible. This is really the best way to bring about fast results because the more instable you are, the harder your ab muscles are going to be contracting to keep yourself balanced.

Instability exercises are perfect for this, so start bringing an exercise ball into your program for faster results.

Bootcamp Training

Bootcamp training is the next proven method to help you get abs for women. Just like circuit training, this is another fast paced workout that will be sure to burn off plenty of calories, get your heart rate up higher, and help you build muscle at the same time.

Most people also really enjoy the group atmosphere that boot camp workouts have to offer, so this is yet another reason why they choose to join them.

They’re far more motivated to be performing boot camp workouts than they are to go to the gym alone.

Carb Cycling

Another quick diet strategy that’s been proven to help women see faster weight loss success is carb cycling. Carb cycling is great because it’s going to trick the metabolism so that it doesn’t think that it’s dieting.

Those who are often finding that they’re hitting a fat loss plateau as they go about their program and this is what’s keeping them from getting flat abs will definitely want to incorporate in this technique.

By doing so you’ll quickly move closer to that end goal without feeling nearly as deprived as you go about your diet as well.

Aim to have three or four very low carb days in the plan and then three higher carb ‘break’ days where you eat closer to maintenance level.


Looking at the cardio side of things, if you want to get flat abs, sprinting is the way to go. Sprinting is ideal because this form of cardio is also really going to rev your metabolic rate and it’s also going to help to encourage lean muscle mass retention better than long duration endurance cardio does.

What’s more is that sprinting is over and done with before you know it, so you can easily fit this into even the busiest of schedules.

Try a series of 30 second running sprints coupled with 60 second rest periods for ideal results.

Decline Twisting Sit-Ups

Finally, the last of the proven methods to help you get flat abs is decline twisting sit-ups. As far as effective ab workouts go, this exercise will be a must.

Since you’re going to be moving down beyond the range of gravity, this exercise is ideal for helping to really bring out maximum muscle definition. If you’re also working to get as lean as possible as you do it, this will make for an ideal combination for getting flat abs.

So there you have seven key strategies that will all help you in your quest to get flat abs. Use a few of these in your approach and you will be very satisfied with the progress that you’re making.

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