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How to Burn your Belly Fat Away

What is belly fat? Belly fat is what makes our stomach and mid-section bulge. The bulge is due to what is termed as visceral or intra-abdominal fat which is dangerous to our health. Among the parts of our body, the stomach is one of the parts where fat cells are stored. These fat cells comprise belly fat.

How belly fat develops

Eating fatty foods is a sure way of expanding the fat cells in your stomach. If your body does not burn the calories brought inside it by the food that you eat, then your fat cells will expand and grow bigger and later on break or split to form more fat cells. It is said that fat cells generated by the body stay there permanently.

Health risks posed by belly fat

Doctors agree that belly fat is dangerous to the health because of the following reasons:

  • Fat cells release toxic or poisonous fatty acids into the bloodstream affecting vital organs of the body thus making a person prone to certain types of cancer;
  • The more belly fat a person has, the harder it is for his/her body to process insulin resulting in higher risk of acquiring diabetes;
  • A person with greater amount of fat cells has a greater chance of suffering from high blood pressure because of cortisol, a hormone that is secreted by fat cells;
  • Fat cells can cause a person to suffer from heart attack or stroke because they can hinder the proper functioning of the body’s vital organs.

How to get rid of belly fat

Nobody wants to have a bulging stomach but not everyone takes extra pain to have a flat stomach. According to statistics, millions of Americans are found to be obese with protruding belly fat. To get rid of belly fat, there are quite a number of things to do – different kinds of exercises and eating foods that burn belly fat. The exercises to be done must really be on eliminating stored fat or belly fat. You must not choose exercises because you like them. The exercises must have a definite objective and that objective is to burn your fat.

Aside from exercising, diet control is very important. Remember that what you put into your body has definite results. Belly fat is a result of poor diet. The intake of fatty foods, white bread, and food with many calories, among others will help fight your fat cells. There are foods that burn belly fat and diet books, videos, magazines at your disposal. Consult your doctor or exercise guru. Look for these topics in the internet. Among these exercises are Pilates, biking, stomach exercises, ball exercises, and some others. You must see to it that the exercises you choose are the correct type of exercises that can burn your belly fat.

Getting to know the right foods to eat should start with you. You should not wait for other people to tell you your stomach is protruding. You need not wake up to the day when you can no longer bend to look at your feet. Choose your diet and be strict with yourself in following the diet laid out for you.

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