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How To Get Rid Of Your Belly Using EGGS

Its not uncommon for a lot of women to spend hours and hours at the gym, spending copious amounts of energy and sweat only to find that they just can’t get rid of their belly fat. Exercise is one thing, but if you want to really see quick results then you need to eat foods that are low in calories and even better, to eat foods that burn belly fat.

The general idea is that if you want to get rid of your belly, then typically you want to be making sure that you are including plenty of protein in your diet because the body burns more calories when it’s digesting proteins, than most other foods.

So What Foods Contain Protein?

Well one of the best places to start are with eggs. In the past I’ve come to learn that people are generally confused as to whether eggs are healthy or not, I certainly believed that they were and stayed away where possible. The truth is that there are two sides to it and eggs are good and bad.

High in Protein

Eggs are high in protein and essential for the formation of strong muscles. If you’re working out a lot then eggs should definitely be on your list. It’s with this in mind that eggs are considered to be essential. Furthermore high content of protein forces the body to burn a lot of calories when it breaks these proteins down. Not only are eggs high in protein but they contain enough Vitamin B12, which scientific studies show can burn belly fat.

Avoid The Yolk

Firstly eggs are high in cholesterol, therefore it is very easy to go over your recommended intake of cholesterol per day just by eating more than one egg in a 24 hour period. But here’s the real part on how we can eat eggs and make sure we only get the goodness. All the egg’s cholesterol is within the yolk whilst the protein is in the egg white. If you’re a person who loves watching their diet then you may have heard some experts telling you to only eat egg whites and ditch the yolk. This is solely to avoid absorbing too much cholesterol. Without the egg yolk, it should be fine to eat more than one egg a day.


There are arguments that removing the yolk may not be necessary at all. You see, eggs contain a particular type of cholesterol called ‘dietary cholesterol’ which many believe does not raise or in any way effect the cholesterol levels in our bodies. Rather, it’s the type of cholesterol found in animal fats and saturated oils that are the main culprit.

Nonetheless it is general practice to remove the egg yolk so it’s up to you what you want to believe. Mike Geary wrote an interesting article on how egg yolks are infact the most healthiest part of the egg. You can see that article here.

With this information you can now add eggs into your daily diet if you want to burn fat. But be sure to add a sound exercise program to your new found diet to begin to burn fat even more efficiently.

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