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How to Lose Belly Fat For Women

Into The Mouth Onto The Waist

It’s a well-known fact that women have a much harder time keeping off the belly fat compared to men. When a man eats a huge piece of chocolate cake, each bite seems as if it enters a special passage that leads to a bottomless pit somewhere off in outer space, whereas for women, the results often feel much different. It often seems as if the each bite adds an equal size to the waste.

Hormonal Changes

The effects of hormonal changes in a woman’s body such as menopause and pregnancy make it more challenging to keep lose belly fat for women than men, however with careful planning and action it is possible for any woman to begin to shed the pounds.


In this article I’m going to share 5 top tips of how to lose belly fat for women. But before that, the first way to make the changes necessary to lose belly fat is to understand the simple process of what causes it. You will of heard of the term ‘metabolism’ used all the time, and there’s a reason you hear it so often, and that’s because understanding what it is, is one of the keys to effective loss of weight around the tummy.

Simply put, metabolism burns the fat and calories that we ingest from the food that we eat on a daily basis.

Here’s a simple equation for you to consider:

Slower Metabolism = More Fat Produced

As we age through our life our metabolism slows down and we see the effects through extra fat around the belly, this effects women especially hard. Metabolism is also affected greatly by hormonal fluctuations in our bodies which give most women another headache to deal with.

The key to losing belly fat is to watch and monitor your daily calorie intake, to make sure that your rate of metabolism can handle what you are taking in. If you give it too much to deal with more fat will be loaded around the belly. Give it less to deal with, and less fat will be seen.

The other factor is by finding ways to keep your rate of metabolism high. If you can avoid slowing your metabolic rate down then you will keep the fat off.

If you can keep the calories down and keep metabolic rate down then you’re on your way to a flatter belly.

Here are 5 super tips on how to lose belly fat for women

  1. Don’t focus on belly fat

It is quite common to see women who want to lose belly fat solely focus on exercises that only work their abdominals. You cannot focus on particular parts of the body to burn fat. How many times have you seen a woman with really flabby arms, yet she has perfect abs?

Probably ZERO.

If you want to lose belly fat then you need to focus on losing weight all around the body through some form of aerobic exercise. No matter how many sit-ups and ab crunches you do, you’ll never get a flat belly unless it is coupled with exercises that burn calories.

Get your self on a bike, rowing machine or treadmill to burn the calories. If you can’t get on one of these start taking walks or begin jogging in your local park. You will see much better results than staying indoors struggling with millions of different ab workouts.


  1. Stretched For Time?

If you are a busy mom or find yourself struggling to find the time to exercise then consider the concept of interval training. Interval training is the fastest way to drop fat in the least amount of time.

Interval training involves working at a mixture of intense levels followed by less intense levels on certain cardio workouts. You can do it on a bike at home or on a treadmill. Fitness coach Craig Ballantyne’s ‘Turbulence Training” program uses interval training and only requires three 45 minute workout sessions per week to burn off fat.

If you can’t find enough hours in the day then interval training could be for you.

  1. Food Swapping

The greater our calorie intake, the greater amount of time and effort we need to set aside to see the flat tummy we want. At all costs we should be watching what we eat. Setting up a dairy to monitor our daily intake of calories is a great way to start. By simply having awareness of what we are eating, is the first step to getting our diet handled.

Where possible do some food swapping. If you’re feeling hungry and about to grab yourself a bag of chips, just stop and think…

“What could I swap this bag of chips for that would be a healthier option?”

Think about salads, fruits and other healthy snacks. Dieting doesn’t have to be difficult, there are many healthy yet incredibly tasty snacks that beat a bag of chips any day.

Where possible learn to swap unhealthy food with foods that burn belly fat

  1. Go Back To Food School

It’s quite often the case that many women do not actually realize what is healthy and what is not. Ask most people what a healthy diet involves and the answer will come back as solely fruit and veg. When most of us contemplate or procrastinate about going on a diet, we assume that this means only eating boring fruit and salad for the rest of our lives

The truth is you can eat healthier whilst sticking to a lot of the types of food you are already eating. In a healthy diet we still need protein which is in chicken, pork, beef and fish.

Understanding what makes a good diet and simply knowing that it isn’t just about eating fields of vegetables, will prepare you mentally and keep you up beat about dieting.

Take some time to learn what you need in your diet and you’ll go far.

  1. Work the Body AND THE MIND

How many times have you seen someone you know decide that they want to lose belly fat only to quit and give up a month later?

A great number of us simply do not have the drive or the belief to see a diet or weight loss program through to the end.

If you want to lose belly fat then you must be committed and believe that you can do it. You need to make a decision, then make a plan, then just go do it.

Learning how to lose belly fat isn’t a difficult thing. There are a lot of amazing success stories of women who have lost weight fast and gotten the body they always wanted.

If they can do it… Then why can’t you?

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