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The Best Exercise Equipment For Women To Get Abs

If you’re seeking flat abs, it’s vital that you put together an effective abdominal workout that will challenge the muscles and help them become more defined. While getting clear six pack abs will take the loss of body fat as well, when you have nicely developed ab muscles underneath, your whole look will be a lot more aesthetically pleasing.

Some women will get lean enough to see their abs, but then lack the shape and definition due to poor workouts. The follow pieces of ab equipment will help you take your workouts to the next level so this never becomes a problem for you.

After all, if you’re going to put in the hard work with your diet and the rest of your workout program, you want to be sure that when you do lose the body fat, you see the best results possible.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 pieces of equipment that you should consider.

  1. The Ab Wheel

The very first of the pieces of equipment you’ll definitely want to check out is the Ab Wheel. To use the ab wheel, you simply hold onto both handles with the wheel placed on the floor down in front of you with the knees on the floor.

From there, you slowly begin to roll the body forwards, moving the ab wheel across the floor. Come down as low as you possibly can go without breaking your form and then roll back up again.

Note that this is a very intense exercise and will really require a high level of abdominal strength. If at first you can only go a part of the way out, don’t get discouraged – just keep working at it and soon you’ll achieve a much greater range of distance.

  1. The Exercise Ball

The Exercise Ball is quite simply one of the best pieces of abdominal equipment that you could own. This ball allows you to perform not only abdominal exercises on it but other exercises as well that will increase the degree of core stimulation you receive from doing that exercise.

Perform your sit-ups on the ball or try doing shoulder presses, bicep curls, or lateral raises while sitting on the ball instead.

All will work those core muscles to a much larger extent than without it.

  1. Curved Ab Bench

To help take your sit-ups to a more intense level, consider the curved ab bench. This bench is ideal for those who aren’t feeling challenged with their normal ab workout routine as it’s going to cause a much higher degree of gravity that you must work against, increasing the total stimulation placed on the abs.

You can easily perform your typical crunch on this bench by placing the legs under the pads and leaning back into it, or if you want to target the obliques, twisting to the side as you lower down through the motion and then come up again.

For added difficulty, consider holding a small plate weight across the chest as you execute this movement.

  1. The Bosu Ball

The bosu ball is a great piece of equipment for adding to your workout that can be used to target the core directly or indirectly. To use the indirect approach, try standing on the ball as you perform some of your usual exercises.

Squats, lateral raises, shoulder presses, and bicep curls can all be performed while standing on top and will stimulate the core to a much larger extent.

Or, if you prefer to work the abs directly, sit directly on top of the ball and try a set of the bicycle ab exercise.

If you’re someone who enjoys the plank, flip the bosu ball over and place the forearms on the flat part of the ball, trying to balance yourself there while maintaining the plank position.

  1. The Pull-Up Bar

Finally, don’t overlook the benefit of having a pull up bar as a piece of abdominal equipment. While this bar is most commonly used to perform pull-ups off of, you can also use it to perform one of the best ab exercises around – hanging leg raises.

This move is going to be great for targeting that lower ab region where most women really struggle, so is a must-have to include in your routine.

So there you have the top pieces of abdominal equipment that you should consider adding to your workout program. Each of these offers its own unique benefits and will help intensify your workout and make it more interesting.

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