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The Biology Of Losing Weight

If you’ve decided that it’s time to get yourself on a mission to lose weight, the next thing that you’re going to want to look at is what exactly it takes to see weight loss occur.

Many people who go on weight loss programs don’t really understand fully what has to happen in order for the body to start shedding body fat and this is a primary reason why they aren’t getting the results that they desire.

Unless you understand the biology behind weight loss, it will be easy to make some vital errors in your approach that will quickly have you moving in a direction you just don’t want to go.

Let’s take a look behind the biology of weight loss so that you can get it firm in your mind what has to happen if you hope to see fast weight loss success.

The Calorie Deficit Factor

The very first thing that you absolutely must come to understand is the calorie deficit factor. Simply put, if you want to see successful weight loss, you must create an energy imbalance in the body so that your body doesn’t have enough calories (energy) coming in to support its daily needs.

If you’re burning off more than you’re consuming, the body will have to look for an alternate source of fuel somewhere and that source of fuel is likely to be your body fat stores.

If you aren’t creating the calorie deficit that you need and are either eating exactly the same number of calories as you burn off each day or eating more calories than you burn, you will either maintain your current body weight or start to see your weight increasing.

To lose one pound of body fat off your body, you have to create a calorie deficit of 3500 calories, meaning you need to burn off this many more than you eat. This explains why it’s important to know what your optimal calorie intake is.

Diet Versus Exercise

Now, when looking to create this calorie deficit, there are two ways that you can go about doing this. You could either start up on a fat loss diet plan, consuming fewer calories through your food choices, or you could increase your energy expenditure through an exercise program.

Most people will do some combination of both of these as this generally makes the process that much smoother.

If you’re looking for an either or answer though, it’s far easier to create the calorie deficit through dietary choices than it is through exercise so that should be the direction you lean towards. Most people don’t realize how fast they can consume 600+ calories and likewise, how long it takes to burn the same number of calories off.

The Role Of Cardio Training

The second thing that you must make sure you’re thinking about is the role of cardio training in all of this. Cardio training is going to be helpful for burning off calories while you do it, so it could spark an increase in full body fat loss.

One thing to keep in mind however is that cardio training, at moderate intensities, does little to actually enhance the metabolic rate and increase your long-term calorie burn.

In addition to this, cardio also does very little to promote a change in the way your body looks because it isn’t very taxing on the muscles either.

So while it can improve progress, it’s not the best form of exercise to be doing. A more vigorous form of cardio that has proven to drop weight quicker is Interval Training.

The Role Of Strength Training

A much smarter form of exercise that can boost your fat loss results is strength training. Strength training is great because not only does the intensity of the exercise cause your body to expend a large number of calories after it’s completing repairing the damage that took place, but it may also help you increase your lean muscle mass tissue, which would then enable you to burn more calories at rest 24 hours per day.

This will then have a significant influence on the weight loss that takes place because if you’re burning more calories all day long, you’re going to have a much easier time creating that calorie deficit required for fat loss to occur, as we mentioned in the introduction.

Furthermore, since strength training is going to tax the muscle tissues, this will also cause your body to take on a new shapelier look, giving you a much more aesthetically pleasing image. Even though strength training is something that sounds more appropriate to a male athlete, it’s proven that it’s becoming more and more important to women to maintain a good shape as emphasized in the new rules of lifting for women.

So there you have the main facts that you need to know about how weight loss takes place in the body. If you can learn this process and use it to dictate which type of program you use, you’re going to find that your results are a lot better because of it.

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