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Tricep Exercises For Women To Firm Underarms

One area that many women have a strong tendency to store excess body fat is the underarms. This means that if you are like most women, chances are high you’re looking for the best tricep exercises for women to help get rid of this fat and make your arms short-sleeve ready.

The key to blasting fat off the lower arm area is going to be a combination of cardio training to burn up calories, a proper diet plan to help create the calorie deficit necessary for fat loss, and then key strength training movements that will add more muscle definition and firmness to that area.

When you combine all three of these together in your approach, that’s when you’re really going to see the sky-high level of results that you’re looking for.

If you attempt to go after this goal with any of these elements missing, sadly, you’re going to end up disappointed.

So let’s walk you through the top tricep exercises for women so that you can get started on a program that works for you.

Close Grip Bench Press

The very first of the tricep exercises that you should be adding into your workout routine are close grip bench presses. This movement is great for those who also want to add more definition to their cleavage area.

Contrary to what some women think, performing chest exercises will actually enhance the look of the breast region, not cause a loss of breast tissue. Only intense dieting and very low body fat levels will decrease the size of the breasts since they are primarily a fatty tissue.

Chest training will increase the cleavage line however as it will help to naturally pull up the breast and increase the look of fullness.

As an added benefit, by placing the hands closer together when doing the bench press, you’ll really zero in and target the triceps as well, so you’ll see great muscle firming in this area.

Overhead Tricep Extension

The overhead tricep extension is the next exercise to perform for the tricep muscle. For this movement you’re going to bring a weight directly over your head and then slowly lower it downwards until the elbows are fully bent.

When doing this you want to ensure that you’re squeezing your abs the entire time to maintain proper back alignment and prevent lower back pain development.

Use a slow and controlled movement pattern to place maximum tension on the tricep muscles and aim for 10-15 reps per set.

Tricep Kickbacks

If you’d like an alternate to exchange for overhead tricep extensions from time to time, tricep kickbacks can fit the bill perfectly.

This movement is one of the best tricep exercises for women as it really brings out that tricep definition, reducing the ‘jiggle’ that you experience in the underarm area.

Tricep kickbacks are best performed with two dumbbells at your sides, however they can also be done with a resistance band if you really prefer.

Be sure when performing these that you do fully straighten the elbow however to reap all the benefits that this movement has to offer.

Tricep Rope Push-Downs

Another tricep isolation exercise to perform as part of your upper body workout is the tricep rope press-down. This movement can be performed with a palms up or palms down grip, which will slightly change the angle of the stress and challenge the triceps in different ways.

The nice thing about doing it both ways is that it will keep your muscles guessing as to what comes next so that you never hit a progress plateau.

Tricep rope press-downs are best when performed towards the end of your workout and used as a ‘finishing exercise’ to really fatigue the muscles fully.

The Cross Trainer

Finally, when it comes to your cardio training, to get the most arm toning benefits, choose the cross trainer. While the treadmill is great for fat burning as well, you really won’t get much upper body stimulation with it, not like you would using a cross trainer.

When performing the cross trainer, really think of pushing through those arm handles as well, so you feel the triceps working with each stroke you take.

If you add 30 minutes of this to your workout 5 times a week, you’ll see excellent fat burning benefits to reveal all the muscle tone that you’re building doing the exercises listed above.

So there you have the best tricep exercises for women to help firm that underarm so that you look your best in sleeveless and short sleeved shirts this coming year. If you work hard, you can see noticeable improvements in as little as two weeks.


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